Power Black and Khaki Tote Bag


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This is a beautiful Tote Bag design with measurements of 16.5 inches high x 15.5 inches wide. The outside is made of water resistant Pro-Tuff strong fabric in black color and Denier durable fabric in khaki color. The inside is made with brown and ivory color cotton fabric. It has the word Power printed from left to right to give it a different unique look and a cute drawing printed of a girl ready to take a snapshot with a vintage camera. It also have a chevron print on front and back of the bag. The handles are also made with the Pro-Tuff and Denier fabric. They are attached to silver hardware for a strong grip. It has a plastic strong durable separating zipper that can be completely open giving the space needed to put inside all your wonderful items and/or the privacy that a secure zipper can give you.

As most of the bags in this website there is only one of this purse. This tote bag was made as every other one, when inspiration strikes. This bag is made with materials available at the moment of creation. This one was inspired after seeing my daughter wearing a beanie hat in the middle of summer while holding a camera outside our house. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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